Monday, September 08, 2008

Letalis Urbanus I

I just wanted to post some thoughts on the Urban Survival Series below. Those posts were written about three years ago or so. At least three years.

After I obtained them once again, I was going to edit them and take out the minor profanity which is real world and funny but not necessarily the right "feel" for a book.

I did not edit them before re-posting them here. I like them that way to be honest. I think people can handle a little adult language on adult subjects. Especially when the statement is not only true but humorous as well.

There are opinions that have changed and information in the Series that should be tweaked, for example...

Purell mixed with Aloe Vera is a better choice for an antibacterial hand wash because alcohol is a drying agent and it can crack your skin open which allows more germs to potentially enter your body. The spread of MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) makes this a very important thing to consider. Yet, the Purell with Aloe Vera in it as a skin moisturizer is not a very good emergency firestarter. So, you can carry both, it's really not that problematic to do so.

Flashlights are always changing, Nichia LEDs which can be found in Photon Freedom MicroLights and Energizer Penlights are really excellent lights to have in your kit. Now we have high output Cree LED flashlights which are performing at over 100 lumens for two hours or more on two AA batteries, yes, you are reading that correctly. This is amazing!

I posted the following on a forum August of last year.

Most of the time when you buy a flashlight from a company that makes batteries...well, it usually sucks in my experience.So, it was with much caution that I put down ten, hard-earned dollars on a penlight from Energizer. Like Steve McQueen, I toss pennies around like they are manhole covers.I am pleased to say that this little LED penlight apparently has a better switch than the Streamlight Stylus, it still has the exposed LED like the Stylus, but that's a small complaint.It sips power, as you would expect from an LED flashlight and the AAA batteries will be easier to obtain than the bizarre AAAA batteries of the Streamlight Stylus.The Energizer penlight is easily five to perhaps seven times brighter than the Stylus. In fact, I have a Chinese made Dorcy that is a monster (in size) for an LED and takes a carriage that holds three AAA batteries and this Energizer penlight is almost as bright as the Dorcy.I picked mine up at Office Depot, look for the Energizer Flashlight display, not just a battery display.You will NOT be disappointed with this penlight, it packs a wallop, you would be able to see someone hidden in a dark parking lot at 100+ feet with this thing.

RIGHT NOW, as of September 1, 2008, The Energizer Penlight is the BEST BUY for an every day LED flashlight. When I originally posted that, inevitably, someone had to come in and say, "So and So is selling a blankety-blank light and..."

This light is attractive because it is a penlight Oftentimes, hammerheads that frequent forums just start posting without thinking or they are defecating on everything in order to pump something for someone else. Penlights are attractive because they are in the form of a fat pen without being as cumbersome in diameter as a Mini-Maglite and the true penlight is sans head. That is not to say I don't use the venerable Mini-Maglite. I have converted the two I currently own to LED status and on one of them, I have the anti-roll accessory on the head and then I placed a flip-up red lens attachment from a circa-1992 Sure-Fire 9P flashlight, an Old Boy for sure...

A lot of the gear that is valuable to us like Messenger Bags and various daypacks from Maxpedition to Dana Design have something called pen loops, which, contrary to popular opinion, have nothing to do with Penn & Teller, magic's answer to Jay & Silent Bob. A blowhard and an enabler.

I paid $10.00 for one at Office Depot and I highly suggest you go out and get yourself a couple of them. You can see two of them in the pictures above - one next to the folding knife from Boker on the right hand picture and next to the Motorola Razor...more on the Boker folder...soon. There is a new Cheapskate Survival Kit for 2008...


Blackthorn D. Stick said...

Hey Don,

That Boker is the one Terry Trahan designed isn't it? How did you manage to get the plainedge version? I've only been able to find the half serrated/plainedge model.

Don R. said...

Yes he did design it! I got a plain edge by accident. They are not supposed to make them plain edged and a few slipped through.

Blackthorn D. Stick said...

After Terry signed up at the old Battlefield Forum a few weeks back he said that the Plainedge model was a mistake from the factory, and that only about 300 were made. It lookd good, but I had to tell him the only thing I disliked about it was the tacky looking camo job. He said he felt the same way. Oh well, i'm still trying to find a plainedge model.

I'll get one!

Don R. said...

Yeah, if I remember correctly, the military wanted it that way, camouflaged. I guess you could take one apart and paint it. 8-)