Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tina Fey! YES! I'm VOTING!!!

Here at Reclusion, we have decided to, for the most part, not write about politics. Why? Well, because the world of politics resembles a construction-site "Spot-a-Pot" to me. These "Porta-Johns," portable toilets for the more genteel among us, stink so badly that the only time they can be utilized without the urge to vomit is in the wintertime - but even in the coldest of winter weather and even in the absence of a fresh
offering being deposited in the bottom of the lovely septic oubliette, they still stink. You are still very much aware that you are inside of a portable toilet.

So, it was with great shock that John McCain would pick former "Head Writer" for Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey, to be his running mate! His choice for Vice President! I mean, this announcement was made on August 29, 2008, my 40th Birthday - what a gift!

How could I not vote for Tina Fey? I mean, really, she wrote one of the funniest skits on Saturday Night Live ever! "Colonel Angus," with Christopher Walken as "Colonel Angus." This skit was an instant classic and to think that the woman who wrote this wonderful and witty word play on "cunnilingus" could be Vice President had me doing the Snoopy Dance around the Tammy Faye Baker Signature Series Air Conditioned Doghouse on my birthday!

Then I found out that he chose the Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Who is a beautiful woman, I must say. I was somewhat crestfallen that he did not choose Tina Fey.

And Woodstock...wept as I, once again, dragged my ass across the lawn muttering, "Must not choices! Must not vote..."


Terry said...

Damn, I did not notice the resemblance.
Now that would have been a choice I might have been able to make. But you are right, no choices, except for the exact flavor of the aforementioned deposit.

Don R. said...

I am as of yet...undecided. I really don't want to vote for McCain and I definitely don't want to vote for Obama. I'm tired of all the bullshit excuses about "experience" when it comes to Obama, I heard that shit over and over again during the primaries, Hillary didn't have the "experience," either.

The Governor of Alaska is a glimmer of hope but I just don't think it's enough of a glimmer to make me go and vote for McCain...