Monday, September 08, 2008

Cheapskate Survival Kit for 2008-2009

Back about eight or nine years ago, I wrote an article for my website titled - "The Cheapskate Street Survival Kit." It has been one of the more popular articles I have written.

Originally, I was reading about young women being attacked at colleges across the country and, in general, people complaining that really excellent gear...well, it costs a lot of money!

Now, thanks to one arsch-hut hurensohn, going on a killcrazy rampage at Virginia Tech...I don't know that I could suggest that you carry anything in that environment (college) now. That is to say, I don't want to be held responsible if you get caught but the general idea a long time ago was this, campus police, like all law enforcement, cannot be everywhere at once. They're not god, after all. To further that line of thought, there was a micro LED light from Inova at the time, an extremely inexpensive fixed blade and a Comtech Stinger which is a rather interesting and very effective little impact weapon.

The continuation of the idea was to use the light to check things out in your general area and if someone jumped up in your face or otherwise tried to drag you off, hit them with everything you had in the face, when they covered up, keep hitting them, kick them - do whatever you have to do! Immediately escape from the area and as you are doing have the fallback of something even more serious in the form of a knife.

That's a condensation of ideas that were going on when I wrote it, the basic idea was...try to make people safer. I know the criticisms abound, "They should be taking Krav Maga!" Or insert your martial arts flavor of the week, month, year or decade...that's true. But you can get some degree of safety now and something like boxing or Krav Maga can then make you hell on wheels with a Stinger in your hand...or perhaps a Kelly Worden Designed "Travel Wrench."

The Boker "Camo Defender" is a steal at twenty bucks. It was also designed by Terry Trahan!The overall length of the pocketknife is 7 3/4 inches and has a blade length of 3 3/8 inches and it weighs just over 6 ounces. Aluminum scales with a steel liner, the knife is rock solid and has three opening devices, a cutout, a stud and a flipper than can be used in a wave-like manner if you are carrying it with the tip oriented up. With four carrying positions, a four position clip, you should be able to find something that suits you.

The bottom portion of the flipper is a guard, so this should put to rest the most paranoid among us when it comes to being cut by liner lock failure. The liner lock is not an easy lock to produce and this one looks really, really good and I have literally examined worse on knives that cost (literally) twenty times what this one costs. This one is sharp as a straight razor, just the way knives should be.

It also has areas where skateboard tape-like sections grip your hand. I modify knives all the time with a 3M product to gain a better grip on knives.

The pictures say it all!


The last cause said...

I'd been waiting for this donr, good to see you finally posted it!

Like the Boker, my heart is more aimed at the Schrade sharpfinger though.

2 flashlights, 2 x 10.00?

I plan on using 1.00 bills for light in a tough spot...wink

Don R. said...

The Boker is just another really good offering for the money. Nothing more and nothing less. I would love to be able to find brand new Schrade Sharpfingers for twenty bucks!

Get a couple of the Energizer Penlights, you won't regret it.