Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Spirit

I arrived home from work this morning,
as I usually do,
the sky was gray with the occasional blue,
I watched as a deputy exited his car as the snowflakes flew...

Sometimes I am reminded,
in the form of a hammer blow,
that man is the stinkiest of creatures,
at times...the lowest of the low...

Pause for a if you can,
it is six days from Thanksgiving,
a month from peace on Earth,
good will man to man,
and cast a thought out for someone,
who comes home later today to nothing,
and is expected to just go on living.

Me? I pay my rent because I'm not that unlucky yet,
I am a good tenant, I'm not supposed to care,
yet I know luck can fade and fate is hardly fair,
I watch strangers pick through personal belongings...
I just stand and stare...

1 comment:

Ken Cook said...

John 11:35 (KJV) Jesus wept.