Monday, November 10, 2008

Bloody Hell!

Ahhhh...Glen Campbell!

"Sunflower, good morning,
you sure do make it like a sunny day,
Sunflower, fair warning,
I'm gonna love you if you come my way..."

SCRRRREEEEEEEEEECCCCCHHHHHHH!!!! (Needle raked across record violently...)

Now for a dose of reality:

"I’m travelin’ down the road,
I’m flirtin’ with disaster,
I’ve got the pedal to the floor,
my life is running faster,
I’m out of money, I’m out of hope,
it looks like self destruction,
well how much more can we take,
with all of this corruption?

Been flirtin’ with disaster,
Y’all know what I mean,
and the way we run our lives,
it makes no sense to me,
I don’t know about yourself or,
what you want to be - yeah.
When we gamble with our time,
we choose our destiny."
~ Molly Hatchet, "Flirting with Disaster"

Now, a drum rool for THE MAN...

"The odds of you being killed by a terrorist are practically zero. So I say relax and enjoy the show. You have to be a realist, you have to be realistic about terrorism. Certain groups of people, certain groups, Muslim fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists, Jewish fundamentalists and, just plain guys from MONTANA...are going to continue to make life in this country very interesting for a long, long time. That's the reality. Angry men in combat fatigues talking to God on the two-way radio, muttering incoherent slogans about freedom are eventually going to provide us with a great deal of entertainment...especially after your stupid fucking economy collapses." George Carlin, "You are all diseased" 1998

This country is in deep, deep trouble and it doesn't really matter who won or lost because there was no man for this season.

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Terry said...

Amen, Brother.
I see more bad times coming, the more I read, and hear people.
To bad Carlin passed on, we could use him now more than ever!