Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey, Mel, take it easy...

After a week of off and on reading about the latest Pro - Gold-digging propaganda, I'm just as confused as ever.

Full disclosure - I am a fan of Mel Gibson. Unless he does something incredibly terrible, I will remain a Mel Gibson fan. I'm sorry, but cussing out someone who has obviously pushed his buttons, as she remains calm on the phone, does not rise to the level of "I must hate Mel Gibson."

I'm sorry, he's just a guy that acts great and he makes great movies, sometimes excellent movies. But he is a man and no man is perfect.

Everyone is crying for this woman, don't you know that she pushed, pulled, poked and prodded to get this result? Why feel sorry for her? She deliberately provoked him and recorded him to attain more money in the form of child support. So, in other words, she believes she is going to be PAID, a salary in reality, for listening to the tirade(s).

Do you really believe this woman loved him and can sit there and listen to that and not break down and cry? If she ever cared about him, she would be devastated but she is clearly not and she is very calm, cool and collected. She is in it for the money.

How could any thinking person feel sorry for her? No one knows what words were spoken between the two of them before the recordings but I am thinking she was pushing his buttons like I'm typing on this keyboard right now. And she was doing a good job of it.

The concept that this guy just called her up, panting and in a rage, out of the blue, is utter rubbish. She provoked him to the point of rage and then hung up the phone, prepared the device and waited. Predictably, and sadly, he fell to temptation and called her back.

I sincerely hope that she loses custody of the child and then serves the maximum prison sentence for every single time she illegally recorded him.

She's a penis flytrap and she needs to get punished for using the legal system for personal gain, if nothing else.

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Blackthorn D. Stick said...

I loved the photo of her with the two cracked teeth. I'm still trying to figure out how someone can get punched in the mouth hard enough to do that much damage without getting their lips bruised, or cut open.

But hey, what do i know?