Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Road...less traveled...

I have been waiting since last Fall for "The Road." I finally purchased the book last week and finished the book yesterday.

I can't figure out why Blogger has removed Jay's old "World of Tomorrow" blog but I feel as though I should, once again, simply delete this one because you just never know when you are going to violate someone's silly fucking Terms of Service for not sucking the theoretical penis of whatever wants to promote.

I remember back last Fall that people were complaining on talk radio that blogger was suspending blogs or removing their blogs because they didn't support a certain candidate who ended up winning. Can you believe that happy crappy? 8-)

Welcome to the free medium, I'm amazed they are not charging for this shit. Anyone remember all of the old free online photo accounts? They all went to charging people once they had a ton of shit on their website and it was, "Pay us or it's all gone, have a nice day." Sort of what this will eventually turn into but they have never made the software really good enough or reliably enough to actually have the balls to charge for it.

There are a few free photo sites still around, I guess sooner or later they will follow those that came before them and start charging. You would think with all of the POP-UP TRASH those fuckers have that it could remain free forever! You would think America Online would be free as well...considering the amount of shit they have flapping all over the place as soon as you sign on.

Anyway, that's the thought as of late, waiting for "The Road" to come out in the movies and thinking about deleting this thing again and just focusing on the website I have.

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